Hand made quality custom wearables made with vintage and antique textiles right here in Franklin, TN

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Chore Style Coat/Jacket

This is our classic Chore style. This coat comes with a detachable shearling collar. Our summer lighter weight coats will not be fitted for a fur collar, the customer can choose to have one added for an additional cost.

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Humming Bird Jacket

Easy to wear and fits multiple sizes.

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Quilt Coat

Trench Coats

Our longer version of our classic Chore style.

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Blanket Coat

Blanket Coats

All of our blanket coats are made from Vintage blankets.

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Shawl Collar Coats

Classic style, a bit different than our Hummingbird jacket.

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Feed Sack Jacket

Made with Vintage Feed Sack's and other vintage materials.

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